A Deeper Look at Humor and Healing


This is a video created by Sara Hoover (A graduate student of the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine 12/12/13).  The school’s  mantra is “Long days, Late nights and gallons of coffee”

After phone calls from coast to coast, she interviewed with a variety of clown programs  and people associated with this work. When she called me to do the interview, I was happy that she  had chose me for this piece.

Sara ran through the gauntlet of red tapes, permissions, Hippa rules, Hospital rules, Patient Confidentiality, and a few more that I can’t remember. Every where she went seemed to be a brick wall. The clock was ticking and she had less than a month to put this together.

Her approach was completely different than most media. Sara wanted to try and capture the “Character of the Clown Doctor”  – not the organizations or how the work is done.

The video is not funny yet it does make this work – “Real”

2 thoughts on “A Deeper Look at Humor and Healing

  1. We all know about how you pull your Heartstrings, but your really a tearjerker, I know because I’m a jerk and there’s tears running all down my face………………….Love ya Beeb

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