“Humor with heart? B.B.’s the man! B.B. is highly qualified to doctor the spirit.”

Dr.Peter Spitzer, Cofounder and Medical Director/The Humour Foundation/Sydney, Australia

 ” I hereby whole-heartedly recommend B.B. to the position of saint. This guy deserves it!”

Michael Christensen, Founder/Big Apple Circus Clown Care

“A clown’s clown!”

Hal “Shorty” Horton/C.O.A.I.Clown of the year 1992/Clown Hall of Fame

“He can find the tender spot where laughter intermingles with sadness, and heal it through his compassion, humor and kindness.”

Patricia Hertz, LICSW/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“Reminiscent of Mark Twain, he can easily spin a tale that has you laughing one minute and crying the next.”

Karen McCarty, Associate Creative Director/Big Apple Circus

” If you have already sent payment, please disregard this notice.” 

American Express Company

“Bob is a pioneer in the healing arts as well: He understands what it is like to be sick and realizes the strong power of humor and humanity in healing.”

Dr. George Taylor / Radiologist, Children’s Hospital Boston

“Bob Widdop is a speaker and a humorist. He brings a wealth of knowledge on the “humor and healing” process. His examples and observations are real and at times, quite powerful, and could be an important resource in many settings.”

Myra D. Fox /Former director, ChildLife Services/Children’s Hospital Boston

“It is clear that you create memorable moments for every person who has the pleasure of being one of your customers!”

Ed Boswell/former CEO/The Forum Corporation 

“Working in such a stressful environment as P6, we all need to be reminded of our inner child so that we too can gain perspective on what it is all about. Thank you for bringing laughs to us and for making us think about laughter, tears, and life.”

Staff member of the Cardiovascular Program/Children’s Hospital Boston

“His presentation was fantastic! The children and the seniors in our long-term facility absolutely loved it!”

Kendaree Burgess-Fairn/Communications Specialist/King Edward VII Memorial Hospital/Hamilton, Bermuda

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